One of these days

Maybe we're not meant to buy a house in this friggin' area.  7 offers, people—Seven (the number we've attempted)!  Ok, we lost the bid on the last one (see "Nerves" post) to an all-cash offer.  Some investor threw down around $350k in cash and it was accepted.  There were at least two other offers, and ours was considerably more, but cash is king, every time.  I'm irritated, especially as Hubster's gone into desperation mode again, looking at things we wouldn't normally consider.  And that effing short sale in Alameda…well, the bank's in no hurry, are they?  The government's given them an influx of cash for the moment…they can stand to make us wait.  It's been over 3 months since we made the offer on that ridiculous beater.  Anyway…

I'm seeing the oncologist tomorrow.  I've been feeling quite alot of pain lately.  It's been over six months since my last scan, and my bone biopsy was in February, so perhaps it's time for a check.  I would be disappointed but not altogether surprised if I'm experiencing progression.  Like I've said, the doc never used the "R" word when he took me off treatment.
I've not been on a huge trip so I'm disappointed with that, but I'm thankful for the 4-1/2 month reprieve from chemo.  Time goes by so fast.  People's reactions are very interesting.  I think most people believe I've been cured and things just go back to normal—I should be able to run around like I used to.  I should work and recreate and carry on normally, but that's pretty far from the truth.  No matter what, every day is a battle.
I went on to browse around, see what's new.  It was difficult.  But I've got to make myself face the fact that at some point, if not right now, I'll probably need treatment again, and I need to be ready.  If that time is now, well…here we go again.

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