Enjoy your beauty while you’re young

Seriously.  Take pictures.  Be vain.  Wear whatever you want—sequined dresses, wild vintage get-ups, hot pants, leather…TAKE PICTURES.  (Well, take pictures regardless, even now.)  Pull out the stops.  You're young, you can get away with just about anything, especially fashion crimes.  Make enduring friendships (so much harder when you get older).  Love yourself, enjoy nature—both of these are fleeting.  Pristine reefs?  They won't last 20 years, at the rate we're polluting them.  If you're inclined to scuba dive or rock climb (real rocks), do it now.

Who wears beaded vintage sweaters in Yosemite?  I guess I did.  We weren't doing anything really hardcore that day.  I think we were watching climbers on El Capitan.
What's it like to be abducted by environmentalists?  I can't begin to describe the intellectual and spiritual growth I experienced among such wise people.  On my own, I floated like a leaf on the breeze—wild, aimless, without goals.  A different kind of adventure, but not sure I learned all the right lessons, especially emotionally.  
Try to recognize the wise, and take their guidance wholeheartedly.
Enjoy life, love your friends, be yourself, respect your body.  Long may you run.

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2 thoughts on “Enjoy your beauty while you’re young

  1. Great pictures..i can imagine it makes you sad thinking about better times. I send you an email on your personal adres, hope you received it. I like your post about the trials and wanna wish you al lot of love and power to fight on !

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