a slow movie month

Brilliant, really well done.  Even the hubs was drawn in, though this happened before he was even born.  I know, right?  But I think he could see the parallels with the recent republican administration.
This reinforces the idea that 2008 was a phenomenal year for films and outstanding performances.  It was unfortunate for Langella to be up against Penn for the Best Actor Oscar.  What an emotional performance…I think perhaps he deserved it.  Anyway, fantastic film.
…plus maybe a half?
I saw the Maysles Brothers documentary in school, and was so intrigued, my classmates and I rewatched it a number of times.  It's stranger than a Bunuel film in that it's true.
This version fills in all the questions left unanswered by the documentary.  Terrific performances by Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange.  The house didn't look as filthy as in the original, where you could "see" the stench.  As expected, the hubs didn't get it at all, but was drawn in towards the end.  (He thinks I'm weird)
This was strange and amazing.  Completely imaginative.  Reminded me of something along the lines of Metropolis and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.  Great for sci-fi geeks everywhere.
As expected, I liked this very much.  Strange, dark, fun to watch.  Perfect for those budding goths.
Old movie, says the hubs.  It was on cable.  I've not seen the others nor the game, so don't know the original premise.
This is sort of Matrix-y…sci-fi aliens and some metaphysical-quasi-scientific way to defeat them…it was alright.  I wouldn't go to the movies to see it.  Not bad television though.
** 1/2
Three usually means I like it, but since when does a Harry Potter movie not get its own post?  Oh, woe is me and the franchise, starting with #5, OOTP (Order of the Phoenix).
This was slower than most, with some good special effects, if only they were actually related to actual events (or even likely events) from the book.  I'm baffled by what is included and what isn't, and what they choose to contrive (which isn't consistent with the spirit of HP).  The characters were weak in THBP, and the whole thing seemed sort of flat and bland.  It was good to see Ron get some airtime again, but other than that, bleh.  I planned to see it in IMAX 3D until I heard that only the first 20 minutes were actually shot in 3D…so what's the point.  I saw OOTP 3 or 4 times, and paid 13 pounds to suffer in the 2nd row at the Odeon in London, just to find that indeed, I just didn't like it.  So I doubt repeated viewings would render a different opinion of THBP.  Bummer!

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