Drinking days are over

Going back on cancer drug Tarceva today, which is liver intensive.  Not to mention the side effects (GI and otherwise).  Kudos to the onc for sending an early Rx in response to a slight panic I felt after going to UC Davis and deciding not to enroll in a study there.

Well at least I drank a bunch of wine in Monterey this weekend.  And, I'm feeling increasingly worse, so I'm ready.  I just hope it works as well this time as last, and I hope the facial rash won't be worse (tho I don't know how much worse it could be).  
I guess I better hurry and get that haircut/wax/massage!!

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5 thoughts on “Drinking days are over

  1. the rash sounds terrible….but not drinking for a while will just make you appreciate it when you can finally do it again (without a rash). like a glorious spring after a shitty 7 month winter (and i speak from experience here in quebec)

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