Sweating bullets

$10 (until Cal-Cobra runs out in 17 months). Care to guess how fast I ripped this bottle open just now?

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6 thoughts on “Sweating bullets

  1. Hey there, fellow two-time Tarceva-taker!I saw improvement in my scans about a month after going back on Tarceva in May, and I'm sure you will have the same or better results, considering it never stopped working for you like it did w/me.Sorry about the upcoming rash, though.Right now my face looks like a pan pizza, extra pepperoni…

  2. So, how long did it take before the rash came? Have you read about the STEPP trial (skin toxicity)? Your doctor should prescribe antibiotics to reduce the severity of the rash (doesn't change drug efficacy). I'm allergic to doxycycline so I have to figure out what other antibiotics I can use. Supposedly if you use it before the break-out, it reduces the severity and duration.

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