Decompression time

It's been a strange two weeks.  I might've posted sooner (or maybe not) but my Mom was here.  For some reason I was exhausted every night and pretty busy all day— and could be busy still, but the cold mornings and dry air (yep, it's fall) make me want to wear fleece and drink tea.  If I can hold my head up for a few minutes I might be able to post something.

It's been a week and a day since I backed out of contract for a house in Pinole.  Yes, it's amazing, we finally got an offer accepted, and no wonder.  I lost my mind for a moment and offered way too much (freakin' bidding wars) — it seemed ok at first, but upon further ($600!) inspection…the beauty turned out to be a beast.  IF the Hubster had been along, he might've identified it as such, but he's been on the road for 3 weeks so of course the little defects I noticed were actually Large Defects.  On the telephone he kept saying, "All I'm worried about are the roof and the foundation.  We can take care of everything else."  Well yeah, sort of.  

I'd rather cough up 15k for a roof than 15k for a new furnace/AC unit plus have an asbestos abatement company remove the 1968 ductwork, plus have new ductwork done.  The owner ran the original 1968 furnace, which deposited sooty shadows on the walls of the cathedral ceilings.   Since the ducts looked jacked, who knows what other health hazardous material was blowing around that needs to be cleaned up (lead paint, asbestos).  The electrical was substandard…and let's not talk about the bathrooms.  They looked ok, but hidden behind the walls was a gut job.  And on and on, all the way to the failing retaining wall in the backyard, which eventually would be a pain in the ass. Still, if someone had the time and about 90k, it could be a good value.  As long as we don't have a magnitude 7 earthquake, it'll remain standing for years to come.  
Those 60's-70's ranchers apparently don't have wall bracing.  They were constructed using this stuff called Linewire, paper with wire running through it, and stucco over that, and sometimes siding.  That's right, it's the Three Little Pigs' house.  Developers thought they'd do better in earthquakes.  Not.  So none of those walls have bracing, nor are they bolted to the foundation by today's standards.   And there's more, but my mind reels with the sound of cash registers and construction.
I don't think our realtor is speaking to us any longer.  I haven't heard from her or seen the voided deposit check, though I sent the cancellation form a week ago.  This is the second house we were under contract in for just one day. On the day we cancelled, we decided to take a break from 8 months of house hunting.  I'm hoping the tax credit is extended, although list prices seemed inflated because of it.  Anyway, time to refocus and restrategize…
It's tempting to spend money now during this little break, but I think what's in order is to make this hole we've lived in for 2 years more comfortable.  I'm tired of living out of the coat closet.  Time for storage solutions, a new bed, and some heavy curtains to keep the chill out (damn old windows and doors!).  Time to read, relax, cook more lemony things, drink tea and eat pistachio macarons…

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