…at Feel Good Bakery in the Alameda Marketplace!!!!

I used to call it Feel Bad Bakery because the staff were so grumpy and unfriendly.  Well they still are but I have to put up with it AND pay $2/piece for these suckers because they are SOOOO GOOOOOOD.  Especially the blackberry ones (lavender, in the middle there).  The green tea and chocolate orange ones are interesting, as well.
They are, however, a bit too sweet, and slightly larger than Miette's (which lack the bright colors and are $1.50/piece but the buttercream filling is delicious!).
Can you say HEAVEN?

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3 thoughts on “Discovered

  1. Heh heh…I knew you'd be the first to catch on! They're somewhat untraditional (the coconut has toasted coconut, the pistachio actually have pistachios embedded in the cookie, the strawberry have red crystal sprinkles), but still excellent. And easier to get to than Miette!

  2. Ohhhh, so these are the vaunted French macarons! They look yummy!We have chewy almond cookes here called macaroons, the best ones are done by a really old shop in Absecon, NJ called Tripician's.Much much better than the overly sweet shredded coconut soft cookies that are generally called macaroons.Maybe we should do a macaroon/macaron trade!

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