Live in the NOW, now.

It's 4:30 on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, which is significant if one plans to participate in NaNoWriMo.  I've spent most of the day organizing Hub's maddening sock drawer and uploading photos to Facebook.  At one point I considered discarding FB – it's a time sucker and my brain's not geared that way (I barely even get on).  FB's immediacy is scary – the instant I post anything, there are comments (not that it matters).   I'd be better off posting a cry for help on FB than use a cell phone.  I'd achieve greater simultaneous coverage and have a better chance at being rescued.  So I'm keeping the account, removing the privacy cloak, and actually trying to be social.  Sort of.  I posted some photos, a drop in the bucket compared to my Vox posts.  Coming here to read my long-winded rants seems to pain non-Voxers…but I like that about it.  And I like this format (even though it seems increasingly unstable, Vox!)…so until I figure out my WordPress situation, here I stay.

It's been so long since my last real post.  The many various and sundry things that rolled around in my brain the last month have evaporated into the ether.  I just wonder if I can really do NaNoWriMo.  I tried it back in '06, right after I was diagnosed, but couldn't escape the grip that death and cancer had on my imagination.  I'm still somewhat in that grip — I had a scan two weeks ago and have the oncology appointment tomorrow.  There was a slight decrease in the left lung tumor, but no mention of the right lung activity seen in July.  I don't think Tarceva's as aggressive as my doctor would like to be, but we're conscious of diminishing options in chemo.  So there's some concern.
I feel like an idiot for wasting my six-month chemo break on house hunting.  I look back on the futility of it all and get angry, which isn't a way I get anymore.  The realtor emailed last night, asking if we wanted to start again, and I wanted to flip her off.  She irritated me during that last ordeal, and I'm done with her, although she stuck it out for 8 months with us.  We found all the houses, and all she had to do was open a few doors and write up the offers (9).  It wasn't for lack of trying and I could feel bad, but I really don't.  I feel worse about wasting my good health on such an activity.  (Yes, I also feel bad about housework but I get immediate gratification from that)
We're on hiatus from house hunting.  It's trade show and holiday season, so there's travelling to be done (YAY!).  I bought a wardrobe from IKEA (after two years I now have a closet), a dutch oven (not a Le Creuset, so tune in for reviews), and seriously, it's time for a new bed, premium cable channels, and faster internet.  I could pass away before we buy a house, so I should enjoy the amenities of a home, here.  Now.  Also, I bought some lovely mugs from the Danville Crafts Fair, made by Oakland potter Rose Lee.
Don't they look like my cats? 

I slow-roasted almost all the Roma tomatoes from the garden (1 plant).  Takes all day, but they taste incredible, truly.
Summer's last hurrahWashed and driedTossed in EVOO and herbsRoast in 225 degree oven all day

We planted late – in April, after realizing the house hunt might take longer – so there are some stragglers left.  They're all pale, rather vampirish-looking things.  I should pick them and put them out of their misery.
What else?  Watched some movies…saw Where The Wild Things Are at the Alameda Theatre (designed by Timothy Pflueger of Paramount and Castro Theatre fame).  Beautiful art deco theatre, convenient to all things Alameda.  
Started a number of books (see sidebar).  I think my favorite is The Book Thief
Maybe I should just concentrate on posting more often.  Not sure I have 1800 words/day in me.  Hoping everyone's enjoying a lovely autumn, with spiced cider, turning leaves, and the promise of comfort to warm cold days ahead.

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16 thoughts on “Live in the NOW, now.

  1. I am starting NaNoWriMo two days late. I am worried that this year I might not finish. But I am starting tonight. I will get it done. Give it a try, Jazz. When you finish, the feeling is amazing.

  2. I keep rolling ideas around but I dunno. I'm intrigued—isn't the idea to just start writing…anything? I might start tonight. I'm behind 7200 words. That's alot! Good luck!

  3. well, yes it does. I think. Some aspects of Facebook have always been opaque to me. But my pic's there, standing under the pointers on top of Corona Heights. At one point facebook asked me for username and I gave them palazzovecchio; don't know if that helps.

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