Monthly compendium

It seems like we're all in Reader's Digest mode these days.  Has Vox lost its freshness, or are we just reticent to discuss the darkness that frames the days, or both?  Are we wandering away to other networks?  Facebook seems compelling, but once there I feel like, Meh– Who cares?  I don't post anything, but visit to see photos and goings-on of various and sundry friends.  Sometimes it's more painful to get in touch with people I haven't seen in ages.   When they ask what I've been up to, do I say, "Trying to stay alive for the past 3 years…hanging on for a cure to cancer?"  Yeah, that's a real conversation starter.

So, what have I been doing…?
Cancer – I had a CT scan on Oct. 16 and finally saw my oncologist on Nov. 4.  The report didn't mention the new nodules in the right lung seen in July, just that there was a "slight interval decrease" in the left lung tumor.  So it would appear the Tarceva is working, for now.  I'm losing gobs of hair, and the nasty sores on the scalp and legs…I've graduated from leopard to cheetah on the spotted front.  I won't bore you with the other stuff (gums receding, nose continuously running, dry & horrifically itchy skin, etc).   I feel ok, otherwise.
Cooking – I've been doing alot of this.  Not sure why.  I'm cooking things I would normally not – roasted tomato and french onion soup, for instance.  Or French macarons, which were insane (although I was successful, surprisingly), and homemade pizza.  It's fun though, and I've visited bazillions of food blogs, none of which are on Vox (some on TypePad).  I'm acquiring cooking tools, which is contrary to my attempts to organize and simplify my life.  I actually went to a restaurant supply warehouse in an attempt to one-stop-shop (failed).
Media – I'm definitely getting my money's worth from Netflix (see movies in sidebar).  I only posted the ones I really liked.  Although I saw films like GI Joe: Return of Cobra, The Proposal, Transformers (the last one), Land of the Lost (really bad) — they aren't worthy of inclusion in the "library", but if you must see them, make a load of popcorn.  Star Trek was super fun to watch.  
I haven't been able to sit and read anything all the way through.  My reading habits are ADD at best – I skim bits and pieces of non-fiction then jump over and insult fiction the same way.  I should just return all the damn books to the library and give in.  I never did start NaNoWriMo.  I might've if it was National Food Cooking Month.  Maybe I should've just done that – written down what I made each day, except I was so exhausted afterwards.
The Hubby's finally got a diving partner again – the guy next door.  That guy runs about 13 miles/day and goes to the gym on the weekends.  Now Hubby's decided to start going to the gym and wants to lose weight.  He berates me for cooking all these rich foods lately, but is unhappy when deprived.  I find myself hungry after having soup and salad for dinner.  It's like having the starter and the ending without the main course.  If the bread and cheese is omitted, I'm digging in the fridge an hour later.  I guess I won't be losing any weight.  Besides, it's the holidays!
Yeah I'm sorta perky.  Don't know why except I'm not in constant pain.  I do get tired quickly, and it's frustrating to have a project list that remains the same day after day.  Some days I just want to lie around and read without the tv being on (it's maddeningly always on when the hubby's in the room).  Other days I know I should be doing administrative things (social security), but the day flies by so quickly and it's time to make dinner…I'm not complaining, by the way.   I just wonder where the days go.
I know I should be doing end of life stuff, but I'm not.  I guess when I go, everything'll just fade away…I'll think about that tomorrow 😉

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5 thoughts on “Monthly compendium

  1. I am still slugging away at NaNo… I am nearly halfway done. But I might not finish on time this year.
    Roasted Tomato soup sounds delightful. Do you have the reciepe?
    If Dorian Gray is out on netfllix, give it a shot. I liked it.
    And as for end of life stuff…. just live in the moment.

  2. Hey Nichole – I used this recipe and it worked out just fine, although the bay leaf was a bit strong (I had huge fresh ones I picked at Lake Chabot so that could be the reason). If you read the comments, you can see the mods others have done to the recipe, but it was fine for me. And you know you have to have a grilled cheese sandwich with that, right? 😀 Or cheddar corn muffins with jalapeno butter. I feel fat just saying that!

  3. Yay for the encouraging CT scan!Die, evil lung nodules, die!I totally feel your pain with the Tarceva side effects.What IS up with the damn runny nose? I went through a box of Claritin with no effect before I gave up.I envy your gourmet cooking activities, as I am WAYY too lazy.I want you to know that you are officially my role model :)Happy Fourth Thanksgiving!

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