Privacy rampage

I've deactivated my FB account.  It's a time-waster, although I've found many people I haven't thought of in years.  I have a storage tote full of greeting cards and in the process of digging out Xmas ones, I found an old Hello Kitty phone book.  Wow, what a journey through the past.  Now that that's out of the way, I freaked out and started cleaning up my profiles.  At this point I want to disappear into the woodwork.  Alas, I think the web might be rife with all manner of inaccurate (and correct) info linked to my name.  Scary.  I just want to shake it off.  Maybe I'll change my name to something like Tuesday Friday…

As for sending out cards…just not feeling it.  The hubby thinks I'm insane – he hates cards (and I mean HATE), it's certainly time-consuming, but it's nice to send them to relatives and folks I don't communicate with regularly.  I have to do them when he's gone, otherwise I have to bear constant taunting.  It's fun to receive pretty ones…he thinks it 
creates clutter.  He's not big on photos, either, but I think it's just a display issue.  (If it doesn't look artistic, don't bother – he is most unsentimental)
Sigh.  I've got to get in the right frame of mind!

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