Damn the Flu!

I had a wonderful two week vacation – perfect health, no malaria mosquito bites, no sunburn.  I get home and BAM!  I get sick the very next day.  It's now Day 6 of The Flu—not sure which one, but the doc merely said, "Push fluids and Tylenol", and prescribed a cough suppressant that anesthetizes one's lungs in order to prevent the coughing reflex.  (The label says, "Do not chew, suck, or dissolve this medication in your mouth.  Doing so will cause a loss of feeling in your mouth/throat and may cause choking…")  Wow, I was prescribed this once before, by the military hospital, and I don't recall getting any literature in this regard.

The doc's nurse just called.  She said a quinolone antibiotic Rx was on its way, but I bet she meant macrolide (Zithromax?).  I'm queen of med allergies–those pharmacists really have to work for their money with me.  I feel marginally better, but find that I get more attention (read: drugs) when a nurse is involved.  Doc must be busy, but conscientious of him to follow up. 
As for the trip to the Philippines, I hope to devote several posts to my impressions.  I enjoyed the trip, for what it's worth, but I don't think the hubby did.  He truly felt he was familiar with third world countries.  He was so, so mistaken.  Not sure he'll ever get over it.  Quite certain he couldn't see the good in all the bad.  Oh well.  Nothing like a trip somewhere to make all your humble comforts precious and worthy of deep appreciation.
Also, I've had a WordPress blog since 2007 (also one at LJ), and migrated most of my Vox content over.  (Patty talks about WP's Vox importer here.)  Not all the media makes it, and it took two imports to get all of it, but if you're looking to back up your Vox blog, here's one option.  WP has become easier to work with for non-techies like me, so its appeal is greater now (I was a bit lost when I first started it).  If only I could be assured my wonderful neighborhood would all be there!  For now, I remain a steadfast Voxer.

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One thought on “Damn the Flu!

  1. Oh no, I hate the flu!Hope you get well soon.A trip to the Philippines would thrill my foodie father, although he's a horrible traveler. But for the chance to eat authentic Filipino fare, he could probably be persuaded.

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