To do list

What I'm supposed to do today and until it gets done:

Call the court (due a month ago)
Bake snacky cakes (always due)
Order books and wine shipping containers online (due two weeks ago)
Fill out Disability Retirement and Social Security Forms (due 4 years ago)
Do taxes (due April 15th)
Read and edit Dad's book (due 2 years ago?)
Create spreadsheet of Joey's scooter rebuild – parts/cost (due a month ago)
Fill out rental applications and call agency to request appointment to view a property
Start packing stuff up for imminent move
Pay timeshare maintenance fee (due 2/28 but I'm sort of pushing it to see what'll happen) 
What I'll probably do today, because I'm a bum:
Watch the Coco Chanel movie I've had for a week
Call the court
Bake snacky cakes
Read books from library or Dad's book
Figure out how to send Redwood seedlings and bottle of wine to the Philippines
Go for a walk
Post on blog

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2 thoughts on “To do list

  1. I baked mini muffins, read 2 pages of a cancer book, looked up postage for 3 seedlings costing $12 to the Philippines ($112 UPS), talked on the phone, loaded/unloaded dishwasher, and watched the special features on the Chanel dvd.

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