Ready for the Oscars

Haven't seen A Single Man, The Blind Side, Precious, Crazy Heart, The Informant!, The Last Station, The Messenger, A Serious Man, or Invictus yet though.  And none of the Best Foreign Film nominees.  I might've managed to see all the contenders had the Olympics not been on, although most of the above are barely out on DVD.  Luckily, planes have great entertainment systems these days.  You can get about 1.5 films in a cross-country commute if you don't listen to music (which I do since it's perfect for previewing new cd's).  Also, I watched non-Oscar movies, like Whip It!  What an awesome debut directorial effort by Drew Barrymore.  Love the soundtrack too.

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4 thoughts on “Ready for the Oscars

  1. Hey Caroline, there must be something wrong with Vox. I didn't get a message you commented (or any other messages I should've received). The movies in my video sidebar are some of the ones I saw that were up for awards. I liked them all! I'll look for Pepperminta, it sounds interesting!

  2. I have the book too, but haven't read it yet. Actutally i sometimes dont dare to read those things because o dont want to get stressed about food. My doc told me i really should eat what i like and of course i take healthy stuff, but not really strict and too disciplinated. I want to enjoy the food i like but i i would not eat to much sugar, fatt or drink too much. Actually i always had a healthy diet.

  3. Yeah I didn`t see any of the Oscar films either this year. Was totally bored by the Oscars actually….I`m such a movie fan but since last summer, I`ve seen like two movies in the theaters…

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