Terminally unemployed

As of today at 5 p.m. PST, I've been "separated" from employment due to "unfitness for the position".  Imagine that, 3.5 years since I left work.  I stressed over this whole event, whether I should resign instead of being processed out of the system like that, being "terminated" so to speak.  The doc never wanted me to return to work there, and it's probably not advisable, so why do I care?  If anything, I've received more stress from being bugged about whether I was able to return or not.  A couple of sources tell me they wouldn't resign if it was them—that places all the responsibility on me and relieves them of having to follow the correct procedure in letting me go.  They're just covering their asses, I imagine.  

I couldn't find any info on whether it's better to resign or be processed out by the employer in a situation like this.  I didn't leave work out of choice, and they were unable to accomodate me, so there it is.  Mostly I was weary that resigning would affect my chances of being granted disability retirement.  It seems to carry more weight when your employer finds you "unfit" to work, rather than resigning, regardless of being due to a disability.  Am I missing something here?  (I did ask a friend with legal resources, and his opinion was being processed out was the way to go.) 
Other than this, March has been a crazy month, preceded by 4 crazy months.  I'd love to think April will be mellow, but so far it's looking just as crazy.  And I feel wheezy, which makes me really nervous (8 months on Tarceva now).
I haven't done my taxes, I'm finally applying for benefits, we're trying to find a new place, and the hubby thinks a new car is in order…while he travels the entire month.  Hmmm.  

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2 thoughts on “Terminally unemployed

  1. I'm not sure about disability, but I know that resigning would affect your ability to collect unemployment. Even though it may be a little infuriating emotionally, I think it is actually in your best interest to make them process you as a term rather than resigning.With you on the taxes. I got my Mom's done, but still need to squeeze mine in some night between the time I get Mom to bed and the time I completely crash myself.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. I've never collected any kind of public benefit in my life, so it's strange psychologically. I appreciate the reassurance—I'm probably entering the wrong key words when searching online for info.

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