Great B-day loot

I feel special.  I had admired the thing, but wasn't really considering it at all.  The hubby stood in line for quite awhile at the Bay Street Apple Store.  Someone drove by in a Mini Cooper, waved his iPad box out the window and said, "Go to Best Buy.  No lines!"  
Iz kooool.  
Melikes that it'll download and play Netflix movies instantly.  However, I can't seem to comment on Vox with it…I think that's a Vox issue, cuz that sometimes happens with my Mac as well.  Perfect for travel.  Books look gorgeous (colored illustrations), and I got a case that stands it up.  Its compact size is great for the kitchen when referring to online recipes while cooking.  The Epicurious app for iPad is beautimus.  And, if reading in bed, one can adjust the brightness to not annoy one's partner. 🙂  The wow factor is definitely creeping up on me.
Also I got a Mophie case for my iPhone, which is a dual case/extra battery.
We can't spend this birthday together, unfortunately.  Still, I'm very thankful for the approaching birthday, my 4th since the cancer diagnosis.  At this point, everything else is just icing on the cake.
I plan to drink on my birthday ;-D and cheer for everyone fighting the good fight.

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8 thoughts on “Great B-day loot

  1. Jazz! What a cooooool thing ! Really nice , you really deserve it after four years with cancer. But you also deserved it without the cancer of course 😉 Happy Happy birthday and i think you will make it nnother year too!

  2. Well if it helps, they'll probably be at that first upgrade stage by Christmas. My main peeve is I can't comment on Vox, and still have to post as though I'm using an iPhone, by e-mail. For some reason, Vox doesn't recognize the device or something, not sure, but can't post. Otherwise, yeah, it's eye candy. I never thought I wanted something this small, but it's so elegant. Shoot, you could take it to the beach with you when you ride your bike! Perfect for those flights with no entertainment 😀 And the photo app is truly innovative (who thinks up this stuff?). The picture quality is HD—creamy, creamy, creamy!

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