Where did half the year go?

A soft, rainy day in May.  A bit cold for this time of year but it always seems cloudy and rainy on Memorial Day weekend.  

Back from a week in Minnesota, visiting dear friends from way back.  It's always disconcerting to see just how far a dollar goes there.  Our friends live in a 1500 sq. ft. house on an acre.  House payment: $620 including taxes and insurance.  They're adding about 1400 sq. ft. this year—a DIY project.  They figure it'll cost about $10k.  Down the road a piece is Austin, MN, home of Hormel Foods and the SPAM museum.  Further on, about an hour away is Rochester, home of the Mayo Clinic group of hospitals.  I toured some of the facilities on this trip and was completely blown away.  The town wouldn't exist without the medical facilities, so it's  the Emerald City, rising out of the corn and soybean fields. 
As Murphy's Law would have it, I finally found a place in Alameda Point while we were in Minnesota.  After some stressful juggling and viewing by the ever-reliable sis, we've secured the house.  Just in time for the summer.  It's nowhere near as grand as the house we had the first time around (it's behind and catty-corner to this one), but it'll do, donkey.  Two bathrooms!  Lots of land for the cats to roam!  Closets!  Wood floors throughout!  Boat parking! Quiet neighborhood with no crime!  Loads of amenities on the island, including two boat launches!  Down side is, many trees casting shade on an already north-facing and smallish back yard, no deck, and electric kitchen.  But hey, I'll take the good with the bad.  The present tenants lived there for 14 years and are only moving because they lost their jobs.  So it can't be all that bad, can it?
Mortgage rates are the lowest in the past 25 years, and will be for a month or two.  That said, we still can't afford anything but a condo on the island, and I don't want to live in some far-off place (due to health/support issues), so Alameda Point it is.  We haven't even seen the interior of the house—the hubs doesn't mind being surprised.  We are that desperate to get out of here!

It's been a couple of days since I started this post so my excitement has given way to the reality of packing.  Ugh.  And arguing with the hubby about "my stuff", which he's always trying to discard…I'll probably marvel at the concept of storage, which the new place will have, and is so sorely lacking here.  Thinking this as I pack all manner of things which have not enjoyed a proper home in this location—from large pots and pans to Japanese dolls to wine.  I'm ready to settled down and actually look in boxes I haven't seen the contents of since 2006.  I'll probably chuck it all, but I want a last glide down memory lane.
As encouraging as all that is, I still can't breathe too well, I'm tired and sore (searching for a new bed as well), and there are uneasy situations to resolve.  I hope my health holds up through the move.
Happy springtime!

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