Moving. Again.

We've officially passed through the gateway to summer (known as Memorial Day weekend) as the trashman hauls away the barbecued rib bones, shishkabob sticks, lemon seedbags, sod leftovers, and the detritus of DIY-ing.   We toasted our servicemen past and present.  On to more labor-intensive activities, namely Moving.

Yep, we're moving on.  Hurray!  Back to Alameda Point.  One has to wonder how I can be excited to move into old base housing which hasn't seen any meaningful renovation in 50 years, located in an area undergoing eternal environmental clean-up.  Well, liberation from crime, for one.  Liberation from a stupid landlord and from the oppression of a neighbor straight out of "Desperate Housewives", for a couple more reasons.  Need I go on?  It's by no means perfect nor anywhere near as nice as the prior house, and we haven't even seen the interior yet (I'm trusting my sister's judgment), but we have a basic idea of what it is and we just wanted to get back to the area.  Renting there has mirrored last year's unsuccessful house-buying experience.  Competition!  It's ridiculous!  I can't believe I had to muscle the rental agent over the phone while I was touring the Mayo Clinic!  We'd lost a couple of great houses by not being diligent/aggressive enough, so I decided to be confrontational, which I'm so against.  The current tenants have lived in the house for 14 years!  They both lost their jobs and the kids are grown and gone so they're downsizing.  I'm sad for them but what a grand relief to know we'll be in a better place in two weeks.
Meanwhile, the reality of packing has set in.  Blah 😦  I've discarded much over the past 7 moves (since Carlsbad, 2001), and lost quite a bit along the way (the Packrat Fairy must be tossing stuff when I'm not looking).  I'm torn over parting with the work wardrobe…suits, heels.  Seriously, it's been 4 years.  Just let it go.  I need to repeat this mantra over and over:  Just. Let. It. Go.  Right.
Sunnyvale Art & Wine Festival this weekend with friends, perhaps a parting walk at Lake Chabot, and some oysters at the Ferry Building.  All work and no play makes Jazz a dull girl.  
Finally, 15 June is the 4th anniversary of my diagnosis.  I'll have a private celebration once we're moved in.  I toast all who've been with me on this journey as often as I can, and this is certainly a milestone.  I carry you all in my heart to my new home. 

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6 thoughts on “Moving. Again.

  1. Between packing and wife-ing, it's the only time I have to do personal stuff. Which is why I can't seem to get on Vox more often. Hopefully once we get into the new place, I'll be able to hole up in my "library" and do more blogging!

  2. Thanks, Sistah! I've been trying to read your blog more regularly and saw your skiing video last month but haven't been able to write you. I think of you while I pack up the house, especially how you felt about improving your home, the future, etc. It's complex and I think few people understand the idea of knowing we probably won't live to get old. It's a good time to buy a house here but I have no interest—just want to settle down and relax, get on with life. Hopefully my health holds up through the move!

  3. Ya know, I've never minded moving until I got sick. Now I just don't have the energy, and the adventure isn't in it if you're not going someplace entirely new. I never understood people who renovated their rentals (like you see people do in New York in design magazines), but if you're going to rent for 20 years, it should be the way you like it. This move is probably the last one (unless I live to see us buy land), and of course we won't put in a new kitchen or anything like that, but if nothing else, it's a great location and there's enough room.

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