Packing, schmaking…

Uggh.  Do we really have this much stuff?  It's all kitchen—jars of peaches from my parents' garden, roasted tomatoes from my garden, Moroccan preserved lemons from sister's garden…I need a big bomb shelter to store this stuff in—and I just need to use it up, give it away, etc.  Packing sucks 😦

So, ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncologists) just concluded their annual meeting yesterday.  The big news as far as lung cancer goes was the new drug Crizotinib, which is dramatically effective for those with a previously little-known gene translocation (ELM4-ALK).  Pfizer is probably relieved, as they're losing patent protection for Lipitor this year and have to find something to mitigate that, even if the target market is about 5% of patients.  Unfortunately for me, I won't have that gene translocation, because I'm fairly certain to be EGFR-positive, and the two are mutually exclusive.  
Less in the news is another novel molecular therapy, ARQ 197, which is going into Phase III studies following positive outcomes in Phase II.  After the announcement at ASCO, the company's stock rose something like 300%.  Science, schmience…anymore it's a business venture.  I feel like curing cancer isn't the point, it's making money, which means they'll never find a cure.  But okay, I can cope with being chronic.  Just hurry up and give me 10 more years.
I haven't found much post-meeting news about the two drugs I'm most interested in—Tovok (BIBW 2992) and XL-184. Both are targeted therapies, the first being my best hope when resistance to Tarceva sets in, and the second can potentially prolong Tarceva's effectiveness.  I found this from a Canadian news agency pre-meeting, otherwise, not a whole lot.  I almost joined Twitter just to see if anyone tweeted about it.  I should be interested in the drug I was sent to consult about at UC Davis–Eribulin/Halichondrin B (the sea sponge drug)—which had good results against breast cancer.  I'm not seeing much splash with lung cancer data, hence the ambivalence.
Steve Betz's vacation posts in the eastern Sierra had me longing for my old stomping grounds (predating Jackson Hole!).  Happy, happy, hippie days.  Remember the "Save Mono Lake" bumper stickers?  I did one of those protest marches where hundreds of people brought bottles of water to pour back into the lake.  Ohhh, the hot dry years of the 80's.  When you summer in Yosemite and winter in Mammoth (slumming it, not jetsetting about), you get drawn into things like that.  Back then, June Lake wasn't surrounded by big, fancy houses, and Mammoth was still a bit skanky.  But Leucadia was just a flower grower's town then, too….
Ok, enough reminiscing.  Time to drink 3 more cups of Irish Breakfast (its frickin' freezing today, whatup, weather?) and whip stupid-heavy Pyrex dishes into boxes.
Scenes from moving:  Hubby cuts up bamboo couch I've had for 15 years because he doesn't like it/it's weathered from being outside and the cats are having a field day with bubble wrap and newsprint.

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3 thoughts on “Packing, schmaking…

  1. Hey! Thanks for the shout-out! There were a lot of informational boards at Mono about an agreement to re-stabilize the lake after the near-collapse of the ecosystem in the early 1980s. It sounded as though the final agreed upon level was some sort of split-the-baby compromise, but the general feel from the Forest Service was that it was a victory. In fact, several of those tufa formations I took pics of should be submerged within a decade or two.

  2. Your posts really did warm my heart. I remember taking a very warm, $1 shower at the public showers in Reds Meadows. The water was piped in from the hot springs. I noticed you didn't post pics of Devil's Postpile (was it overrun by tourists?). And yes, I noticed the tufa towers were quite a bit more submerged.

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