4-year Anniversary lunch

At Whole Foods, after oncology appointment. Mac-n-cheese, escarole,
apple, pistachio & currant salad, curried chicken salad, Kombucha. I
was hungry, and plans fell through with the Hubby! I didn't get to
the chicken salad, anyway.

It's criminal to have so many yummy-looking foods at exhorbitant
prices on display.

The place we're moving to is finally vacant so we're going to try to 
view it today. A peek in the windows last night confirmed what we 
expected. One more day after today!

Today is the anniversary of my diagnosis but I'm popping the bottle of 
champagne on Thursday, when we actually move stuff in. Then the 
movers finish the job on Friday, and we'll go bed-shopping.

So many, many blessings to be thankful for, and I thank the powers 
that be for every single one!

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