Home Sweet Home

Burly movers who managed to move most of the big stuff, after we already moved a 6×12' trailer full of boxes.  Check.

2 Cats, stressed by all the commotion and relocation.  Check.

Really fast internet.  Check.
Satellite TV with a few trimmings.  Check.
Micro-cell signal booster, because Alameda island is a dead zone.  Check.
A new bed.  Maybe tomorrow.
Giant cardboard pile ready for the dumpster because WE'RE NOT MOVING ANYMORE.  Check.
Complete exhaustion.  Check.
Move not quite finished, but I can crash on the couch and enjoy the peaceful view out the windows.
Feels like home 😉

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3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. woo hoo! Great. I really like Alameda, though I've never lived there. Cross the bridge and it's sort of like you've gone slightly back in time, and I mean that in a good way. Some time maybe I'll really explore it, but so far all it really know is there's lots of beach and a great sushi place down there at the end of the main drag, if it's still there. We might have already talked about that. Anyway, congrats! Now rest.

  2. Sushi House is still there, always packed as ever. The service sucks though. A good opportunity to explore the "downtown" area is during the Art & Wine Festival in late July.

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