We knew this was coming

Now that we’re all fleeing to WordPress in mass exodus, I wonder— will it likewise be overrun with sleazy spammers and marketing people at some point?  Or does WordPress monitor more vigilantly and have some method of “cleaning up”?

I was pretty certain my WordPress blog wasn’t getting any traffic.  I’ve had it since 2007, largely as a back-up.  I guess I need to do some maintenance now…and complete the export.  I actually need to learn how to use a computer, dammit!
Vox was so easy to work with, I could do it in my sleep.  I’m disappointed but not surprised.  The group sites are teeming with spam, pornography, pretty bad stuff.  I could see how Six Apart decided demolition was the best way to “clean up”.  But blah, I’ll so miss this platform!  I haven’t figured out how to arrange a group of “followers” (I prefer “neighbors”) according to picture and date they’ve updated (it’s that whole setting-up-your-new-house-the-way-all-your-other-houses-were), how to group stuff…maybe none of that even exists but WP is highly customizable.  You just have to know how.  Blah.
Well, if any of you are so inclined, I hope we can stay in touch.  I’ll really miss my neighborhood—small but so interesting.  Let me know where you’ll be and I’ll swing by. *sniff*

I’ll keep checking Vox and adding URLs as you list them.  Best wishes and Thanks for all the support and fellowship these past 4 years!

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13 thoughts on “We knew this was coming

  1. Yep, you're already on my links list! I feel like a sheep dog, trying to round up a scattering herd! Baaa baaa… I'll try to get over to GoodReads as well 😉

  2. Hey, where are you these days? I read the post about you and R splitting up last year…I didn't know what to say and didn't know if you'd left Vox due to having another blog elsewhere? I'd love to follow you if you're posting. I miss your lovely photos and goings on…

  3. Oh, but I just went by your WordPress blog and it's classy, like in that "beautiful room in a magazine" way. Tailored, understated, I think I may want to paint my walls that color brown.

  4. You will have to forgive me. After seeing your WP blog and contemplating all the other themes, I used the theme you chose – "chaostheory". I just loved the color so much, and previewed quite a few others that just didn't look right. So I apologize, but your site looks so good, all your widgets and your gorgeous photography. My husband admires all your bird photography (we love birds too!).

  5. just did my last post hope it explains a little of what's gone on will try & keep up with ex voxers it's been great! hope all is well with you & yours see you on the other side ! LoL *G*

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