White peach & Cardamom preserves

This is but half of the equation.  The intent is to make a deliciously fragrant ice cream with the preserves, although there’s always the possibly of trying a Bellini with it as well.  Some of the remaining syrup was used to make a fig conserve, also for ice cream.  I added Grand Marnier to the figs for a little twang.  This frenzy was inspired by two lackluster desserts at an expensive (cash only) Mediterranean restaurant in Berkeley.  The dinner was also mediocre, which prompted me to devise a menu just to prove I could do better (for about 1/3 of the price).

This could be used for a crisp, crumble, or galette, but for intensity, I’m thinking a creme fraiche gelato as a base.  Trying to cut back on flour consumption (we’ll see how long that lasts).  On the other hand, a ginger shortbread cookie-peach ice cream sandwich doesn’t sound half bad, or maybe just a shard of pistachio brittle.

The peaches and figs are from my parents’ garden.  Each year we struggle to preserve a harvest that ripens all at once due to the blistering heat where they live.  It’s lovely, and every time I open a jar I think of them in the garden.  One might ask why a terminally ill person would spend an entire day preserving fruit.  Well, the jars of fruit may outlive me.  In the meantime, I get to ponder my parents and loved ones who might enjoy the food later (it never lasts that long but it’s a nice thought).

It’s also good for the appetite.  I’m off to plan a dazzling Mediterranean meal to welcome the Hubby home.  Let’s see if he’ll eat a fried squash blossom 😉


5 thoughts on “White peach & Cardamom preserves

  1. oh yum! and i love fresh figs. it’s hard to get up here in canada. they are only in specialty supermarkets once a year. and for a very short period of time. i like using them in this salad that i got from my jamie oliver recipe book: the easiest sexiest salad in the world.

    i’ve always wanted to try a fried squash blossom. do you stuff it with any type of soft cheese? that’s the only way i’ve seen it done.

    when reading ‘eat pray love’, i started to drool when she was in italy of the first time, dining at some small restaurant. they brought her one of the fried blossoms to try and it sort of cinched the deal for me that one day, i really need to be in italy to try my first fried blossom!

  2. I am Now very hungry! LoL
    And In answer to your question I posted past the 15th because at the last min I decided I did want to carry on And when I moved everything it gave me the option to send a message which looks like a blog post!
    gonna stick you in my feeder now
    Seeya Hugya *G*

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