A traveler has no fixed plans…

…and is not intent on arriving.”  — Lao Tzu

However, a traveler with lung cancer gets tired, and Home can be a nice place indeed, especially in Indian Summer.  Hello, sunny Bay Area!   Note to self:  unpack winter clothing before husband makes garage inpenetrable.  I was horrifically unprepared for east coast weather (due to being locked out of the garage), so I was most uncomfortable while wandering the cute stores on Warren St. in Hudson, NY.  

The  journey began with 97 degree heat in Los Angeles for the Paul Weller concert.  New Jersey and Philadelphia were milder and somewhat sunny after a storm.  The trees were magnificent through New Jersey, and I managed a glimpse of “Drumthwacket”—the governor’s mansion in Princeton, NJ!!  New York started out crisp and sunny.   What a difference a day makes.  32 degrees and snowing the very next day.  No wonder I feel so bedraggled!

This week has been a marvel of warmth and light.   I actually tried to garden, which may account for the soreness and the wicked sunburn.  At least I hope that’s all it is…

The journey east was bittersweet and inspirational.  It was life-changing and too close to my heart to discuss right now.  A reminder that Vox had the EASY button called Privacy Settings for use on moments like these.

My thoughts are scattered and unresolved, so I’ll close with a picture taken on the 36th Street Walkway through the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.


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