The right movie makes all the difference

If clichés are what help us get through things, then this is working for me.

Dead Like Me was a short-lived comedy on Showtime which spawned a follow-up feature-length film released in 2009.  Oddly enough, after watching a couple of very interesting documentaries, I happened upon the movie and was completely intrigued.  I was impressed with the great humor and writing, and the terrific handling of such delicate topics.

Hubby and I stayed up to the wee hours two nights in a row to get through the first season.  We made it through the pilot and 9 episodes so far.  This is a philosophical, funny, well-acted, well-directed series.  I think it was ahead of its time and compels me to check out Six Feet Under, which was more mainstream but apparently somewhat similar.

I find it very peculiar that chance turned the channel right to Dead Like Me: Life After Death at a time when I so needed relief.  Certainly makes one think :-0

So I’m feeling better about Naomi’s passing, but events are getting much worse in other areas…family relations.  More on that later.  Or not.  It’s so serious I don’t know if I can write about it…

At least we got the tree up today.  A 7-foot-tall beauty.  The house smells like the woods, which is lovely.


4 thoughts on “The right movie makes all the difference

  1. i so loved dead like me we got it over here a while back! I was sorry to see it axed, so many good shows get axed & some of the naff shows go on & on way past they’re sell by date!

    seeya hugya G

    • Isn’t that the truth? I don’t know what I was doing when this came out but I’m glad I finally caught it. The feature film didn’t get such good reviews but I liked it.

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