Burp. Where’s the Lipitor?

Dinner at La Folie in San Francisco, $—-.  Carbonated water on the way home, priceless.  Nothing like the Hubby’s “holiday party” to start the new year off.

I think I’ve just eaten ten thousand calories of every fattening thing known to man, from duck tongue to bone marrow to foie gras to snails drenched in butter…I’m not full, I’m just…dizzy from the richness.  The champagne and wine were equally amazing.  That dinner would’ve fed a family in a third-world country for three months.  I would feel worse if it wasn’t a business write-off for the company.  Still, I feel slightly sick and guilty.

It was also the worst day of the year to venture the steep streets of San Francisco.  Really rainy, dark, windy, sleety.  But not like the horrific blizzard pommeling the East Coast.  So I sound like a big baby, crying about a few drops of rain on a 40 degree hill incline.

I was in a very ill mood earlier, irritated that the holidays were spent at home when all I ever want for Christmas is to be away, and to not have guests.  But, the husband loves guests, ergo a NYE “get together”.  This usually means I clean and host, but I don’t know any of the people (all my friends live far away).  I spent the holidays fretting (deaths, illness)/cooking/cleaning.

Tomorrow is my brain MRI, followed by a PET scan on Jan. 4th.  I can’t figure out if I’m supposed to decide about Medicare before Dec. 31, even if I’m not eligible until March 1.  Am I supposed to get Medigap insurance or go with one of those “Advantage” plans (aka Part C)?  Shit!  Someone help me!  I need advice.  I need a plan that will allow me to go other places for treatment and/or clinical trials.  I’m currently with Kaiser.  Do I need to stay with Kaiser, or did Obama’s health reform fix that?  HELP!

Anyway, in spite of the elegance of tonight’s dishes, it didn’t call out to me in my dreams.  I was expecting my brain to explode, but it didn’t.  I’ve had other meals where I savored every bite–practically smelled it before I ate it.  Am I just jaded? I was impressed by the presentation and the creativity, but there wasn’t anything that I crave.  (Certainly that was a hefty piece of foie gras and the aroma of shaved white truffle on my lobster was blowing the Hubby out of the water.)  Hubby’s stomach rebelled all night.  He was very unhappy with his tempura egg on sweetbread pancake.  He, hater of soft-boiled eggs.  Anyway, it was a blast.  Conversation was lively, the service and ambiance were perfect and unobtrusive.

Getting dressed up was a pain at first, but once we got there and relaxed, it was divine.  (Maybe because we didn’t pay for it)  I’m thinking:  we need to go out to dinner at a nice place once in a while.  And I don’t mean high-end pub food or pizza.  There’s something satisfying about discovering that I cook pretty well ;-).  Will I try to make venison with juniper berries or smoked duck tongue?  Sure…

So this post turned into a cheerful one about food, instead of a depressing one about the possibility of having brain mets.  Cross your fingers for me!


3 thoughts on “Burp. Where’s the Lipitor?

  1. Sounds like a fantastic evening was had once the irritability of going disappeared. LOL. I hope that you get the health care info you need, sorry I’m not much help in that arena. Keeping fingers crossed for some good news for you, or at least no bad news, come January. Happy Thoughts. How about some good, old fashioned shepherd’s pie?

  2. Unfortunately i cannot help you with the healthcare..I think you should focus on your egfr-mutation with your onc?
    Maybe a clinical trial?
    I hope your MRI will be ok..keep my fingers crossed and for the pet-scan of course.

    Love caroline

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