Brain MRI 2010

No brain mets.  At least, not large enough to be seen by an MRI.  Whew.  But I’m not out of the woods yet.  There’s still the PET scan.  I’ve been coughing lately, and wheezy, so if it’s not progression, it could be interstitial lung disease (ILD).  It’s one of the long-term side effects of Tarceva.

Maybe it’s all the Christmas sugar and lack of exercise.  Hmmm.

For those who’ve never had the slightly claustrophobic experience of a brain MRI, it’s like lying down wearing a full-face motorcycle helmet without a face shield.  Holding perfectly still, you slide into a tube where, for 24 minutes, you’re in a dark limbo of jack hammering, machine gun blasting, banging noises that don’t sound unlike a war zone video game marathon in surround sound.  After weeks of listening to Black Ops in surround sound, what’s 24 minutes?  And hearing good news afterwards?  Fair trade.


3 thoughts on “Brain MRI 2010

  1. You are too funny 🙂 I try to think of those sounds as the creation of some John Cage student. Anyway, sounds like positive news – YES!

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