Done being zapped

To those who’ve had to endure weeks on end of radiation, I salute and admire you.  I barely made it to my last treatment today.  Granted, it’s 30 miles away, and in inclement weather, that’s a long way to drive when you don’t feel too well.  (Which is why you get someone to drive)  It’s only been 2.5 weeks but I was counting down each day.  In spite of the wonderful therapists who could’ve become friends, I need a break!

I hear eight weeks of treatment is typical.  One could really get to know those folks, given some effort.  I had a rotating set of therapists: Madison, Colette, Maureen, Maria, Frances, and David, and the nurse Edward.  The Friday before Valentine’s Day weekend we chatted about weekend plans.   Before I left Maureen gave me a hug, proceeded by Colette (who called me, “Little Cougar”).  I was moved.  I think they read my file and discovered I was stage 4.

I received a “Purple Heart Award” today, certifying completion of radiation treatment, signed with kind words from some of the staff.  I don’t know if all radiation centers issue a funny thing like that, but it’s sweet.  Once I feel better I’ll bake them some brownies.

Today was a strange weather day: Brisk, sunny, partly cloudy, a few showers, and a huge bucket of 8mm hail that probably pitted my car.  The girl cat got pummeled and the landscape made white with mini ice marbles.  I blew through it as fast as I could, came home and cooked a huge pot of Jambalaya.  Mike built an enormous and beautiful redwood box for his worm farm.  Yup, bait for fishing and help for the garden.  I’d love to steal the box to grow herbs in, but there’s not much sun in the backyard right now, and he doesn’t want it out front.  So I’ll just have to envy the earthworms their redwood palace.

I stopped working on the insurance thing last week.  Fatigue hit me like a freight train.  It was all I could do to stay awake past 9pm, which isn’t like me.  Part of the exhaustion no doubt stems from the labored breathing.  I should be more concerned, but I have so much on my plate I don’t know if I’m coming or going.  I need to try to knock these things out one by one.  I can’t concentrate on anything and the lack of resolution is driving me mad.  Can anyone recommend a particular portable air cleaner?  Thinking of buying one.

I’m supposed to have been “getting my affairs in order”.  Yeah right, if I die suddenly it would inconvenience Mike just a bit.  So I better get on the stick with all this and quit watching my latest guilty pleasure: Wonderfalls.  Another short-lived but incredibly well-written (and acted/directed) tv series made in Canada.  It was co-created and produced by Bryan Fuller, creator of Dead Like Me.  He also created Pushing Daisies, which garnered him an Emmy or two.  I couldn’t get into Pushing Daisies a few years ago but maybe I’ll try it again.  (If you watch all three you’ll probably notice some overlap in themes, actors, names…)  Anyway Wonderfalls only went to 13 episodes but it’s very clever.  (I can totally relate.  Not just because I worked in Yosemite and Jackson Hole and was/am an underachiever.)

My other guilty pleasure is An Idiot Abroad, Ricky Gervais’ latest comedy production disguised as a sort of travel show.  It makes me laugh so hard I cough.  Which is awesome, but scary.  Also, the animated feature, Coraline, in 3D is amazing!  Ok, tv talk.  Next week I plan to make lemon and lime curd.  Or maybe marmalade 😉

Time to hit the inhalers.  Tomorrow is my first day “back”— I can sleep in but I also have a zillion things to do.  Who would guess this is what it’s like to be terminally ill?  I need to survive just so I can get it all done!


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