A peculiar Birthday

It’s a most peculiar birthday.  The Hubby’s out of town, though he sent gorgeous flowers and planted a lime tree and heirloom tomatoes before he left (among other surprises around the house).  Sister /BIL had dinner plans but managed to join me for an afternoon in Tilden Park which I’d planned to enjoy alone.  My buddy Julie was scattering her Mom, Palma’s ashes over the Pacific, from a boat leaving out of San Pedro harbor.  All 18 family members were in attendance.  I had some early celebrating last week in SoCal.  My brother was hospitalized for pneumonia again – the third time in five months.   A complex and worrisome situation.  He’s to come up soon for some social contact and recovery.

Naomi (sister in lung cancer from the old Vox days) was with me in spirit today, although she passed away last December.  Earlier this week her Mom, Judy, sent me some clothing she thought I might enjoy.  The packages contained post-it notes describing the significance of the clothing, whether it was a favorite,  something which gave her comfort during chemo, things she enjoyed (knitting, funny monsters), finery for fancier occasions.  My heart broke all over again.  I was overwhelmed by the kindness of this gesture.  I wore something of hers today, hoped she joined me for awhile in celebrating my fifth birthday since diagnosis – a luxury she didn’t have.

I’ll have to add pictures later, and make up for the lack of posting about the dark month of March.   There’s much to tell, but this is all for now.

6 thoughts on “A peculiar Birthday

  1. Happy belated, darlin. Just seeing that box from Naomi is a bit heartbreaking, so I can’t imagine being the one there to open it up. On the flip side, a lime tree! One of those and an avocado plant and I’d be in bliss 😉

    • Hey! Thanks for swinging by! Yeah I’d love an avocado but it’s a bit chilly and windy here on the island. Hope all is well in your part of the world!

  2. Glad to hear that your birthday was quiet, yet memorable. Seems we rush through these days and forget to stop and notice all the little things in life that make living worthwhile.

    And a big Happy Birthday from me. I’m sure that Naomi was with you yesterday, she probably was very glad that her mom sent you her things so that you could feel even closer to her. I think that so was wonderful of her to do so.

    I hope you are doing well, you are often in my thoughts.

    • Thanks, K! I love the pleasure a simple surprise brings. Lucky for me the Hubs is very good at those kind of surprises! Hope you’re having a lovely spring.

  3. Although I am too late, i still want to say: happy birthdat. How nice those suprises, how emotional the gift from Naomi’s mum..
    Really special..I hope you are doing fine..

    love Caroline

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