Death and taxes

Or rather, taxes on Social Security benefits and excruciating upper abdominal pains.  Will mysteries never cease?

While palpating my organs and ordering labs, my oncologist took the opportunity to tell me that I shouldn’t get excited over clinical trial drugs because they’re unproven, that he thought the thoracic team at a certain teaching university sucked, and that I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet.  I jovially agreed, thinking later that I should’ve mentioned I read research papers, scientific journals, and abstracts, not just anecdotal evidence.  But whatever, I assured him he was the doctor and his opinion was totally respected (which it is, but that doesn’t mean I won’t challenge it).

I hope whatever this is proves to be some minor inflammation that will resolve with pain medication and less activity.  I have a bad habit of overexerting.  One of my cats was quite ill earlier this week.  He ran a very high fever and now he’s on antibiotics.  Maybe I caught his bug?

Sigh.  I could really use a gentle month.  And some macarons 😉


One thought on “Death and taxes

  1. I think we could all use some time off, away from the problems of this life and just wander the vastness of the Ethereal world for a bit. But cookies will do in a pinch.

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