Headaches ‘n things

Trying this again on iPad, which has been unsuccessful in the past.

Today was a wasted day, spent feeling crummy due to lack of sleep and some nagging symptoms. For the last week I’ve experienced increasing pain along my spine and left shoulder blade, along with nagging pressure behind/above my left eye. Feels sort of like a sinus headache but it’s more like something pushing against my eyeball—from inside. My KP onc recommended trying a decongestant. But I’m not congested.

So last night, while suffering shoulder pain and hacking up a lung in the middle of the night, I dreamt I had a CT scan and was told my tumor grew from 5 cm to 8 cm. Clearly I don’t have much confidence in the lower dose of study meds, even though the upside is better skin and a healing scalp. There may be a haircut in my future–wouldn’t that be exciting! This morning I woke up with a headache which was followed by nausea after breakfast. Finally at 1:30 I’d had enough, took some ibuprofen and contemplated missing dinner in the City with Hubby and his client from Mexico.

3pm and stomach boiling, I called the UC Davis clinical trial nurse and asked if she thought I should see the ophthalmologist, get a brain MRI, or was it stress from my father’s diagnosis? After consultation with Lucky (my Davis onc), my CT was advanced and a brain MRI ordered (by a KP onc who taught at Davis back when Lucky was just starting out and “now he’s a big mucky muck”.)

The upshot of this is, if I have brain mets (dare I think of it), it’s on to radiation and that may mean the end of this trial. But then, maybe I’ll just have to get on yet another trial, if treatment is successful. If not, then I guess I better hurry and put all the bills on auto-pay and see if the local Neptune society is accepting members, or however that works. So there’s this to think about, on top of my Dad’s issues. He’s frantically trying to finish his memoirs. I’m sitting around procrastinating, making sugar treats, leafing through the IKEA catalog, trying to convince myself that I should go into the garage and sort through all the crap…

I hope tomorrow is better. I want to see the last Harry Potter movie and have a productive weekend full of good food and sunshine. Aside from my CT scan on Sunday…


9 thoughts on “Headaches ‘n things

  1. (((U))) sorry hun I hope you feel better soon. Hope there’s something sunshiney soon. Or at least something sugary sweet.

  2. Good luck with your MRI tomorrow. funny how we cancer patients think every little twinge is the big C taking over. In my case I wonder how long Tarceva is going to work. Anyway, I lliked “The Sweet Life in Paris” and since you’re obviously a wonderful cook you might like some of Patricia Wells books…she has a farm in Provence, lives there for about 6 months of the year, and holds cooking classes.I love her knowledge of where to buy the best of everything. My husband and I had a great trip to Provence and Paris in May.(but boy is Paris crowded in the springtime). It’s too bad I’ll never meet you but I live on the Atlantic coast…both my husband and I are artists and yes, we actually make a living at it. So bonne chance to you, you’re a great writer so please keep it up. Pat P.S. anothe r fun book to read is “On Rue Tatin”; I’ve forgotten the author’s name.

    • Hi Pat — Thanks for the book recs! Provence sounds wonderful. I’d like to tour Burgundy if I ever return to France, and the Hubby wants to return to Normandy. It’s a pipe dream but one never knows. That’s terrific that you’re both successful artists! Keep at it. I hope Tarceva works for a long time for you. Once it stops, you can go on to something else for a while, then try Tarceva again (wait about 6 mos.). Best wishes to you and you never know about meeting…one of my closest blogging friends lived in NJ – we managed to meet. Hang in there!

  3. Yes, we’re ALL concerned and yes, worried. Hopefully you’re enjoying the end of summer and a little down time. At any rate, know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers….Patricia

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