Call of Life

I’ve just noticed a movie trailer about Sarah Palin, and it freaks me out.  I tend to believe that it’s people like her that will move us closer to the catastrophe we are bringing, as described in Call of Life:

My friend Bernard, past vice-president of Sierra Club, is featured as one of the speakers. After a visit with him and a limited discussion of the actual crisis at hand (we’re only familiar with things that affect us, which is so superficial), I’m definitely part of the problem, rather than the solution.  We’ve just acquired all those damn gadgets!!  My mamby-pamby recycling/composting/reusing efforts is bullshit compared to my consumption, and I don’t consume half as much as most people!

I can’t use the excuse of a terminal disease to exempt myself from conspicuous consumption.  But I see most people don’t really care.  Which is horrible.  If everyone made some incremental changes, and maybe tried to do one thing towards preventing the mass extinction crisis, Earth might have a future beyond 50 years.  I know, we’ll all be dead so what does it matter, but what about your grandkids??


One thought on “Call of Life

  1. I can’t seem to get the hang of this blogging business so now I’m replying to your last reply and also to this newest blog of your…sigh, what a dummy! Anyway…we’re going to TRadium Hot Springs, about 60 miles from Banff and Lake Louise. I plan to take some of the Hot Spring baths , visit Banff and do some gentle hiking (my daughter who lives in Seattle and was a soloist with Pacific Ballet Co.aand grandaughter will join us). I also mean to tell you that the radiation that I had last fall might have something to do with this persistant cough and may never go completely away…boo…soooo, did you ever have radiation on your lungs?? One more thing…if you think Sarah Palin is scary, read the double issue of “The New Yorker” (August 15th and 22nd) about Michelle Bachman called “Leap of Faith”…it’ll scare the beejeezus out of you and maybe even that horrible Rick Perry or whatever his name is. You can probably read the aticle online. Here’s a big good luck to you on your quest for finding a new trial…Patricia

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