Indian Summer

We deserve all the beautiful, warm days we’ve been enjoying the past few weeks.  Rain came early but now it’s gorgeous, the tomatoes are finally ripening…if only it could stay this way through Thanksgiving…

Here are a few I managed to save from the rampaging squirrels!

Autumn heirlooms!


5 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Wow, you are definitely the Tomato Queen…beautiful ‘maters! Ours are long gone although our town is experimenting with an extension of our local Farmer’s Market until the end of this month. We’re getting wonderful fall vegetables with the edition of local honey, lavender, cheeses (esp. goat..yum!), mushrooms and of course, breads. We were just voted best mid-size farmer’s market in the country…pretty good for a town of 2,000 plus tons of summer visitors. As for the quote from Joan Didion….it seems to me that if we know someone is going to leave this earth we’re able to prepare to a certain extent and so might experience grief differently than she did since hwe husband died unexpectedly. She was in total shock AND experienced sadness at the same time. Just a thought

    • Re: grief – I’m not sure that’s true. I think one can prepare all their lives but every version of it is a bit different. As for the ‘maters…these look beautiful but they lack the intense flavor of having their sugars brought to full strength quickly by lots of sun and heat. I am grateful nonetheless!

  2. That is an awesome haul of tomatoes. I just want to break out the loaf of bread, slice a thick chunk out of the middle, put some mayo on one piece, some thousand island on the other and make me a “summer sandwich”, what with all the drippy juice running down my hands while I eat it. Mmmmm

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