3 Things

Compassion, change, and losing objects in a fire.




David Hoffman’s talk was included because I used to make film and collect things.  In the end, it’s all just stuff, isn’t it?  It’s not YOUR LIFE. It’s a type of death that makes you realize what matters.  For me, anyway, it’s not “stuff.”


2 thoughts on “3 Things

  1. Good stuff, thanks for sending it. Ted.com is a great site. Hope things have calmed down with your family and that you’re doing okay handling everything. You must be exhausted! Merde….Patricia

  2. Loved these three. The first, spot on. Absolutely. The second, same thing. Why wait to try new things until things are right, or whatever excuse you give yourself for not doing them. Make it happen and make it happen now. Also, not jsut one thing, but keep going. You never know where you will end up by doing it, but at least you had fun getting there. And the third one, that is so true, they are just things. Despite the great historical loss, the tragic loss, in the end, they were all just things, stuff.

    My wife lost a bunch of her family photos in a flash flood incident in Chicago, the basement took on several inches of water, enough to cover some keepsake boxes. She was absolutely crushed by the loss. After helping her deal with the loss for a few days, I explained to her that although the pictures may have been lost, the events were not. She could recall the events and write them down for the kids, kind of a historical documentary of her life, a semi-biography. That helped her to deal with the loss and gave her something positive to focus on.

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