The health insurance nightmare…again

I thought I was done with this back in March, when I had to do all that massive reading on health insurance.  But no.  Hubby’s company was just sold to a larger, not-progressive company in Ohio (on the border of West Virginia), and I imagine they could give a hoot about me or any other employee a catastrophic illness.  They’re probably loving the new office furniture purchased with FSA money the employees don’t spend by the end of the year.

I was always appreciative of his old company’s (Sonic Sampling & Supply, Inc) support and understanding of my health insurance needs.  These days I’m downright grateful and completely aware of what a miracle that company was compared to individual-held corporations run by megalomaniacs.  I’ve always appreciated my former employer’s health plan too, but wow, this is quite possibly the worst situation I’ve been in since San Diego County’s health plan (yup, Republicans).  Ack!!

Not sure how long I’m going to live, but perhaps I should get a job so I can pay for my health insurance.


One thought on “The health insurance nightmare…again

  1. It pains me that as a nation, we pay the most for medical treatment and get the least of any other civilized Nation. Everyone wants to make it their platform during elections and then turns their backs on it. In today’s society, it ought to be a critical necessity for medicine and food. I don’t care who it is. They can certainly find a lot of pork in Washington to cut to pay for the expense of it.

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