Still here

The past two weeks have been devoted to medical appointments, culminating in today’s visit with my KP oncologist.  He’s really a great guy, I hate to lose him.  Anyway, he said I appear better today than I did last month, I’ve gained 2 pounds since last week, I don’t sound wheezy…and my echocardiogram was fine.  So I guess I’m going to take some prednisone for 4 weeks to see if I can’t kick this radiation pneumonitis a little.  Apparently I have a bit of a pericardial effusion (“in the lateral area”, which I have no idea where that is), but no one seems worried about it.  The last echo was from 5-17-2007, at which time the effusion was larger but I imagine it resolved after Tarceva and Alimta (which began the day after the echo).

My clinical trial appointment was all of 5 minutes, maybe, then I got the new cycle of pills and a reminder that next month was the 2nd CT scan.  I’m still coughing but who knows what’s causing it.  If not for that (and some pain), I guess I feel okay.

Hubby is slugging out a nightmare in Indianapolis.  He’s been gone quite awhile and has now asked if I would fly there to administer some TLC.  Poor baby!  And it’s 39 degrees and raining, which can’t be inspiring.  I hope I remain stable or even improve…I’ve got people to care for!!

My Dad’s Tarceva experiment is over, and his liver has recovered, so it’s on to Carboplatin + Pemetrexed (Alimta) next week.  I’m praying to the universe for tolerability and success with this treatment.  My family could use a bit of good news after the past few months.

Thanksgiving is only a month away.  It was never my favorite holiday but I’m going to put major effort into this one.  It may be the last one where my family is whole, and while that makes my heart heavy, it also gives new meaning to the word “Thanksgiving.”


5 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Yay, things sound as if they’re on the up and up or, in your case, as much as they can be for you. So are you going tto fly off to romantic Indianapolis??? How about a picnic on the speedway with hubs? I actually hope that you decide to go; it sounds like your sweetheart needs you. I just got home from modeling in a luncheon/fashion show to benefit the Cancer Support Community. It was great fun and now I’m looking for other runways to stroll. I’m glad you’re looking forward to thanksgiving…I was undergoing chemo and radiation last Thanksgiving so this year I can’t wait to get cooking. I’ve invented a great sweet potato dish but don’t know if i’m the only person who likes it as I haven’t served it to anyone else yet. It’s savory, not sweet. I hope prednisone does the trick for you; I just got off it and it cleared up my cough (antibiotics didn’t do a thing). Best, Patricia

    • Hmmm, I’d like a savory sweet potato dish instead of the usual almost-dessert-side-dish! I do hope the prednisone does the trick! Hubs comes home today so I’m a cooking-cleaning madman!

      Wow, modeling! Did cancer make you do that, or were you always a model 😉 Here I am, 10 pounds from my college weight and trying to gain, gain, gain!! I love the way my early-marriage clothes fit…alas, I’ve lost my booty. Bad place to lose. However, all sorts of boots fit now, so I’ll take what I can get!


  2. Actually I’m tall (5’9”) and slim..wish I could say I weigh the same as college and pre-babies but alas, ’tis not to be. The wonderful thing for you is that you can eat whatever and whenever you want…..your booty will come back in no time if you don’t deny yourself and a two lb. gain is great! If you want to try the sweet potato dish…peel and boil some sweet potatoes, mash with some yummy cream and butter and then add a few tablespoons of good quality salsa (to your taste) and some salt and pepper. If you hate it, please don’t let me know, I just may have a strange palette. Have a peaceful weekend…Patricia

  3. Hi Jazz,

    Hope all is going well and your weather is better then the snow/rain/cold we have in Maryland! I happened upon your blog and thought to say hi. Naomi spoke so highly of you, I’m glad I had a chance to meet you in person, if only for a day. Great advice for Thanksgiving and oh’ so true.


  4. We are supposed to have 20+ people over for Thanksgiving and I’d much rather not see half of them. But, in the interest of family peace, I will tough it out, with a little help from some good wine.

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