50/50: Go see this film!

Loved it.  Sweet, funny, well-written, acted, and cast; it uses a light touch to delivers the goods about facing cancer and mortality – whether you’re young and feel cheated by life, or old and disappointed in spending your golden years dealing with such a monster.  Well worth the price of a movie theater ticket.


2 thoughts on “50/50: Go see this film!

  1. My favorite movie of the year! Not maudlin, just sweet and soooo Seattle (one of my daughter’s lives there and it’s my favorite city,we will be there for Christmas). Our Rehoboth Beach film festival opens next Wednesday, caan’t wait. we have tickets to 11 films, wish I could see more but my mind can’t digest more than that. The focus country this year is France. Hope you’re doing well and that things are on an even keel….Patricia

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