RIP Caroline Top Meijerink

Sorrow knows no bounds. Rest in slumber, brave warrior, gentle, happy spirit, sister in battle.

Your courage and dream lives on in all who fight this cruel fate.  The stars shine brighter now, joined by your light.


One thought on “RIP Caroline Top Meijerink

  1. No one that young should leave this earth and what a lovely young woman she appeared to be. How nice that you were her friend and how sad you must be. On to the French films…I guess none of them are out in DVD form yest. The website for “Hedgehog” is: (as I said before…excellently done and I like it better than “The Elegance of….”. “Women on the Sixth Floor”‘s website: And one more movie to recommend, it’s lovely and charming is “My Afternoons with Margueritte” (Gerard Depardieu) at http://www.cohenmedia. net. We saw only 10 movies out of the hundred some but all three of these were quite outstanding. Cheers, P.

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