Eating and drinking went on late into the night…

I miss reading Richard Brautigan.  Not sure whatever happened to those books.  I think I actually special-ordered those.

It was fun, finally seeing Karen after 30 years, and meeting Bernie’s wife Veronica.  I wish our reunion had a more homey feel, hosted at one of our houses.  In retrospect, it would have been perfect here, had I been healthy enough to host.  But I’m not.  I’d have loved to clean up both rooms and have them stay, make breakfast or at least have a quick jaunt out.  I feel like much time was lost going back and forth, etc.  Still, the fact that it happened at all was terrific.  A great way to end a year so full of strife and sorrow.

Karen gave me an antique typewriter key bracelet that says, “Writer”.  I’ve wanted one of those forever, but the fact that she gave it to me really underscores…so much of what she understands.  I don’t know if I scared her off with all the stuff I talked about on the way from Santa Cruz back to Alameda.  She’s such a good listener and so disarming, but I noticed she didn’t divulge much about herself.  She never has, at least to me.  She sort of did a bit, when I worked in Yosemite, but she’s been largely very private.  She has aged beautifully and gracefully, looking just like herself with less firm skin.  She’s exactly the same size I think.

I’d planned to return those Merrell mary janes, but was so busy and thought I might find something else to exchange them for.  She admired my Ahnus so when they came over Saturday morning, I asked her what size she was and had her try on the Merrells.  If they fit and she liked them they were hers (she was wearing a green pair of hiker/joggers so I knew the Dusty Olive was perfect).  She wouldn’t accept them as a gift and left me $100 and the remainder of some really good dark chocolate from SF.  She also brought the original Yosemite photos so I could scan them in high resolution.  Anyway, I guess she must’ve liked them – she was wearing them to go home (perfect for airports, the velcro strap).  Even though she bought them from me, I hope she thinks of me when she wears them.  She’s VP of Environmental & Remediation at the San Diego office of Brady & Associates.  It’s a small engineering firm but they have all the contracts for the military bases and alot of infrastructure work.  She’s in Mike’s industry.

I’m feeling somewhat pinched.  I want to send packages out, it’s the 19th, I feel better than biopsy week but I’m getting wheezy again.  At least it’s sunny.


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