Le Garage

Spent the morning watching a bit of news online, reading ex-Vox neighbors’ blogs, doing laundry and finishing off the ultra-yummy, original lemon curd Sis and I made years ago. The limes need picking – time for lime curd.

Got gussied up last night for dinner at Le Garage in Sausalito.  Casual French bistro but I hardly go out so good excuse as any.  We drove through the City to get there, which was nuts.  The drive back over Richmond Bridge was nice.

The food was pretty good – definitely casual.  Le Hip waiters wear uniforms that look like mechanics’ outfits.  Our waiter had the exact haircut as the guy at Numi (without the Gucci glasses) and probably the exact grommeted belt.  They might have been brothers.  We almost started laughing when in a very thick french accent he mentioned the soup of the night – carrot with cumin and something else…We spent the rest of the night laughing about Flight of the Conchords, dreadlocks, hills for ski resorts on the east coast, etc.

Had duck confit, leafed brussel sprouts with sunflower seeds, and a molten chocolate lava cake with a hazelnut white chocolate ganache inside.  That was too rich.  I should’ve opted for the foie gras confit appetizer instead, but everyone was ordering Kennebec fries, herring salad, bacon-wrapped artichokes…  It was nice.  I drank a bit of wine which gave me a raging headache.

Spent the day with Mike at the shop, which is sadly vacant, waiting for its final clearance of forklift and fixtures.  Had lunch at the Up & Under in Point Richmond, wandered Costco.  Long day, I’m surprised I had the energy for it and then make supper.


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