New Year’s Day

New Year’s Eve was sunny, continuing into a crystal clear, beautiful, windless night.  At midnight we watched the fireworks from the Estuary.  San Francisco and the Bay Bridge flickered brightly in the distance as the fireworks set the cloudless sky ablaze.  Perfect night for a reverie.  M likes large parties on New Year’s Eve.  I want live music or to be celebrating in a place I’ve never been.

On New Year’s Day we strolled the Antique Faire on the runway for 2-1/2 hours.  We walked miles!  It was unbelievably sunny and warm, the air still, and the crowds mellow.  A nice way to spend New Year’s Day, especially because we don’t watch sports and we’ve been home the past few years.  M was home for a change, so that was very nice for him.

We spotted two new Fiat Cenquecentos (500c) side by side, both ragtops (Lounge model).  Very cute but underpowered, I think.  We’ll see when the Abarth model comes out – I have a need for speed.  Very interested in getting one 🙂  Also like the looks of the Mini Cooper Roadster.  Station wagon days are over, it seems.  There’s still the 4Runner for mountains/snow/camping.  Can it be that the days of sleeping in the car are past?  Haha.

Finished the day with greetings to the parents and a lovely dinner at the sister’s.


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