Full moon

Amazingly brilliant, cloudless sky, full moon lighting the water and the land.  I wish I could fly at low altitude and view the landscape in the silver, mysterious light.  Perfect night to cross-country ski or snowshoe across a meadow.  Yosemite Valley comes to mind, and ye olden days of yore.

I thrilled at the moon this morning, driving back from another 5 a.m. airport drop.  Another clear, sunny day… dry as a stick. We could really use some rain.

Didn’t do much except talk to Jules for 3 hours 9 minutes, which wasn’t nearly enough to catch up but any start is a good one.  2011 was rough on everyone.  Her Mom’s death continues to burn her heart and soul; so many unanswered questions.  No time for closure, things happened so quickly.  An old friend blew in from nowhere like an angel on a wing – Joan.  It’s peculiar how reconnections happen, and it’s just what she needed.  Be nice to have a reunion (a high school beauty queen reunion, those two).

I was supposed to go to Ohio with M for a bit.  Shortness of breath and a long flight doesn’t seem like a bright idea.  I see the doc tomorrow.  He said I could go, but I question the wisdom of unnecessary effort with the possibility of (traveling to) Denver looming in the near (I hope) horizon.  So instead, I have to deal with crazy cats bringing in mice that they then release in the kitchen.  Grrrr!  M has a talent for catching them by their tail and releasing them into the wild.  He’s all animals’ best friend.  I don’t have the energy for that.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying the evil mousetraps soon.  I’m no killer – that’s what cats are for!!  Sigh.

Holed up in the princess room with oil heater, down comforter, tea…haha, also big screen tv, faerie lights, laptop…Saw a couple of good movies – “Beginners” and “The Guard”.  Gay behavior and lung cancer in the first one, loads of cursing and vulgar/racist behavior in the second.  Quirky, funny, raunchy, well-written, directed, and performed.

Lots on my plate this week – all admin stuff 😦  Will have to watch all of the first season of Portlandia and clear out the DVR of home improvement shows.



3 thoughts on “Full moon

    • Good phrase! And people think bay area folks are extreme. There’s so much content that speaks to the good, and overly quirky, trends going on everywhere there’s a ” progressive” mindset. A few years ago the Berkeley SPCA was overrun with chickens people had dumped off…

      Homemade pickles and mix tapes will continue!

  1. I’ll have to check these two out. I’m trying to make an hour a day to just do nothing. Got to start somewhere, right? One hour, uninterrupted. Taking back my life an hour at a time. Friday, I played video games. Who knows what crazy stuff I’ll do next.

    Oh, and the new kitchen? Awesome. I made some sausage and veggie stir fry tonight as well as cooked up a spaghetti squash. I fluffed it up and stirred in some garlic salt, parmesan cheese and a bit of butter. Make a great and healthy snack tomorrow at work. Soft pretzels will be made hopefully before the weekend. 🙂


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