One thought on “The way it is

  1. Even diagnostic companies want in on that act. Imagine what you could charge for a diagnostic test that let you decide whether or not you’d benefit from a drug that expensive. Reminds me of a time we were working on a diagnostic that would have allowed you to tell whether a prostate cancer was dangerous or not. We had a couple prominent urologists in and one of them said, well, I’d never use it, basically. Why? Because all it’s ever going to tell me is that a particular prostate might not need to be removed, and “I make my living yanking prostates”. I’ve retained that sentence in memory for years. Chilling, and all the more so because he felt no compunction or embarrassment about saying it in front of other prominent people in his field. Working in health care is an eye opener. Doctors are much, much more interested in pushing their procedure than they are in determining root causes.

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