Certain Spring

Glorious, beautiful, warm day!  Soft breeze, cloudless sky, t-shirt and sunscreen weather, made extra special by the crazy 90 mile-per-hour winds in Denver yesterday.  My Ash Wednesday flight home was delayed two hours and I was dead tired.  It was such a relief to see the orange-tinged horizon over the Bay and the Oakland Hills, and to feel suddenly warm under four layers of clothing.  All I wanted last night was to get in pyjamas and crawl into bed, which is what happened after half an hour of Downton Abbey.

Oh, wonderful day!  After lunch with sis at the Oakland Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe, a walk along the Marina reminded me how much I’ll miss this island city when we leave.  The condos along that walk are one of only two condo sites in Alameda I’ve ever found interesting (being a single-detached-home type person), with its cherry-tree and weeping willow-lined moat and fountains, and its view of the hills and estuary.

I’ve donned capri pants, watered the plants, opened all the windows, and basically ignored everything I was supposed to do today.  I may reserve energy to make lime curd later.  That just might be the hallmark of feeling better.

This is one of those days that make me glad to be alive…to want to live longer…and better.  Time for a bike ride 😉

If only the Hubs were home, I could drag him to the City or Point Reyes this weekend – museum and oysters, two of my favorite things!

(BTW, the title of this post is a Brit friend’s username on a forum I frequent.  What’s in a name?  Hope… springs eternal!)


5 thoughts on “Certain Spring

  1. You’re making me miss California (we lived in the bay area back in the early nineties. And yes, lots of good reasons to keep on keeping on. Like Duartes, in Pescadero. Or Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes. Or just a sunny day…


  2. Yes, Point Reyes is a pretty cool place and I hope you got to go there with a friend since hubby was awol. Freezing cold here once again on the east coast…daffodils are hanging their heads in shame for believing that spring was here. Out of flip flops and back into socks for me. Keep warm yourself and keep feeling better and better…Patricia

  3. Dear Jazz,
    I am very impressed with your courage and strength, I got your name from cancergrace web site, my wife is a 40 yo diagnosed 3/09 with stage 4 NSCLC (adenocarcenoma) (never smoker with EGFR mutation) and she initially did well on Tarceva then she received all standard chemotherapy, now she has disease progression and she is ineligible to participate in any of the current clinical trial for afatinib in the US, you have mentioned in your post that a friend of yours was able to receive Afatinib on a compassionate use basis directly from Boehringer Ingelheim (through her physician).
    I contacted BI and they mentioned that this is not available in the US. I would really appreciate it if you give me your advice on how to start this process!

    Thanks, and keep up the good work,


    • Aghiad,

      Very sorry for the delay in responding to you. The friend who received Afatinib on a compassionate use basis lived in The Netherlands. If you have already contacted BI, then I imagine what they say is true. Are there any other agents your wife might be able to use? There are trials of PF299804, which is another 2nd generation EGFR inhibitor. It is made by Pfizer, so perhaps her physician can enroll her or obtain the drug for her. Best of luck to you both, I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

    • Aghiad,

      I’m sorry if I neglected to reply to your comment. I thought I did but don’t see it anywhere. There is a new trial for a drug called CO-1686, for people who have acquired resistance to Tarceva. Right now the trial is only at UCLA or in Detroit. It’s a Phase I trial so your wife may be able to enroll. Here is the link:

      Best of luck to your family,


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