Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields


6 thoughts on “Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields

  1. Thanks for the info; seems like there’s always new treatments popping up and I appreciate your generositiy in sharing. I’ve been wondering how your new regime is working out and hope that you are feeling well. any more trips to Colorado? Tarceva seems to have stopped working for me so I had my first chemo with cisplatin and Alimta…knocked me flat but slowly recovering. good news is that treatment is being interupted for our month long trip to Australia, N.Zealand and Fiji next week. Looking forward to a nice long hiatus from worry…hope you’re looking forward to something wonderful, too! Patricia

    • Patricia – Have a wonderful trip to Barrier Reef islands! Glad to hear you’re up to making the trip. Cisplatin is definitely a bugger to get through. Wishing you sunshine and great memories. A month! Wow, that’s incredible.

      It’s a hectic time around here, but I won’t be at liberty to say why until later. You’ll hear all about it when you get back!

      I hope you’re not having many side effects, or that they’re at least manageable. Let me know if you’d like to discuss anything privately instead of in these comments!

      Best wishes to you for loads of fun and no hitches!


      • Jazz, thanks for your good wishes; I know we’ll have fun…today I get my chemo schedule for when I return plus have my blood tests (hope the old white blood cells have proliferated and muliplied). I’m excited about whatever your exciting news is; I’ll be able to know as soon as you post via my Kindle Fire. In the meantime, many happy trails to you and have a great lunch with your friends! Patricia

  2. Hi Jazz!!!

    Isn’t science crazy? At least I know that when I donate to cancer research, the money is actually going somewhere.

    Bless you!


    • Yep, I thank my lucky stars for science every day. I hope you are fine and enjoying spring time. We must get together! I’ll be moving to SoCal soon.

      I’m meeting Grace for lunch this Friday (not sure where or what time, not confirmed). Are you around?


      • I’m around on Friday. I have a doctor’s appointment at 11, but I can be free after. Let me know.


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