Another year and Happy Father’s Day

Six, to be exact.  I wrote a long post yesterday as a sort of commemoration, but it seemed, well, strange.  I seem to be rolling around in my own brain quite a lot.  Those who follow me might have received the post in their mailboxes, at least the pre-edited version.  I refined it but decided, in the end, that it wasn’t fit for public consumption.

Anyway.  I have a scan on the 19th, which will determine whether I’ll stay on this trial or not.  I’m pretty much bald now.  I’ve tried to control the scalp rash to no avail.  Lowering my dose of study drugs to mitigate the side effects doesn’t make sense at this point, as I can function through the discomfort.  Still, the whole thing is really wearing me down.  I’m tired of the biweekly flights.  (I can really understand why Hubs hates the whole travel thing.)  On the other hand, I’m much more functional than I was in January, and there’s no guarantee my next treatment will give me what I have now, so I have to suck it up.  But it sure is unattractive and uncomfortable.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there.  Hugs to all, including the dog and cat dads!



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