Cycle 6 Afatinib+Cetuximab

I returned from Denver last night to a raging ant infestation.  They’re coming from holes in the walls, and there are many.  I see exterminators and bad chemicals in the very near future.

I’ve now flown over the desert southwest twice.  Aside from wretched stops in Las Vegas (which I will avoid like the plague from hereon out), it’s a colorful trip.  And it stirs memories of youthful adventures in Utah.  I must admit I didn’t look out the window much on the flights from the Bay Area.  Not that I’m disinterested in the Sierras, the Wasatch, or the Rockies, just that it was winter and mostly shrouded in clouds or fog.  I do miss the nonstop flights, which aren’t available out of Ontario except at 6am or 10pm.  Completely inconvenient.

Anyway, I’m on to Cycle 6, the next scan being at the end of August.  This scan was better than the others, I surmise.  Dr. Browning, the Fellow who sees me prior to calling in the big kahuna (Dr. Camidge), said she couldn’t even find the target lymph node (right hilar), which was 14mm x 9mm in the last two scans.  There were 4mm ground glass nodules in my right lung previously, but she said it was clear.  Of course, the scan had not been read, so I await the radiologist’s report.  So this is good news.  I’m due for an annual brain MRI.  I hope the news will be no news.

I showed them my angry toes (paronychia) and angrier scalp.  If I wanted to cry uncle, they’d give me a break.  I wonder if I should do that and try for a trip to New Zealand in July?  My next appointment is July 3 so perhaps I’ll ask.  I’ve not much hair left. starting to look like the creepy guy in Rocky Horror Pictue Show!

I actually attribute doing better to overcoming what seemed like an attempted chest infection (Go white cells!!) which might have provoked my immune system to wake up, and a week of rest and eating Mom’s cooking.  I’ve been eating and sleeping like a little kid, and I feel the difference!  I usually feel like crap the day after Denver, but today I’m alert, starving, and have already done battle with the @#$%& ants!

I think I’ll get dressed and try surrounding the house with diatomaceous earth and perhaps buy more ant traps.  I’ve already sacrificed a bottle of cinnamon, a sealed bag of sugar ginger, a jar of Aussie bites and a jar or amaretto cookies.  Apparently the jam jars from World Market aren’t ant-proof, although zip top bags are.  This must be conquered, else no baking or lemon-curd making will take place!!  The Hubs gets home soon, so baking must get underway.


2 thoughts on “Cycle 6 Afatinib+Cetuximab

  1. Firstly, the not quite official scan report sounds highly encouraging. Yippee!!

    And as for your unwelcome pests, dish soap works beautifully as an ant deterrent. It kills them as well–and does so without nasty chemicals; just a bit of soapy residue to clean up later. What I do is figure out how they are getting in and surround it with a moat of liquid dish soap–it may take several applications but I’ve not lost a battle yet.


  2. Thanks for the tip, Linnea. I’ve deployed a multi-pronged approach of soap, herbs, cinnamon, and bait, which appears to be working (at the moment). Anything to avoid the nasty chemicals!

    I’ve been lurking on your blog and haven’t commented. Congrats on being in The 100! And your daughter sounds like a chip off the old block – a beauty and a fighter!

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