I’ve just been called to “return for more pictures of your right breast, and an ultrasound”.  Had a mammogram on July 26.  The radiologist has now referred me to the Breast Center in Martinez (northern Cal).  I’ve set the appointment for the 16th, or the day after returning from Denver (and a CT scan/Day 1 of Cycle 8).

The only thing that’s a little reassuring is that I’ve just had a PET scan, and there was no uptake in either of my breasts.  But better safe than sorry.

Another online friend has been diagnosed with Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis, at the dawn of being accepted to the T790m (Clovis) trial in Colorado.  My oncologist called her “a force of nature”, and my heart is breaking again.  She’s definitely pushing the limits on living – traveling, bike riding, and enjoying herself as much as possible.

I weeded around the tomatoes and nasturtiums this morning, and as I did, a large, red dragonfly flew a dance over the pool, hovering in my sight for a few minutes before flying away.  I’ll take that as a visit from Naomi.  I’m hoping she means she’s in a good place, and that I’ll be okay.  Or that my other friend will find her way where Naomi, Carolyn, Stephanie, Betsy, Brandon, and Moe are.  I don’t know, maybe just superstition and grasping at straws.

Feeling blue.


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