Feeling pensive

Awoke to a cloudy day and a few raindrops.  Somewhat cooler, sun obscured by heavy clouds, perfect day for walking.

Went to the Sisters of St. Benedictine Monastery, about 4 blocks away as the crow flies.  There’s a replica of the Chartres Labyrinth there.  Very peaceful, read: deserted.  Wish it was bigger and the trees more mature, but am glad it’s there.

Labyrinths are supposed to provide walking meditation, which I now realize I had plenty of in Alameda, thereby maintaining my sanity.  So I walked and thought of Naomi, Carolyn, Dad, Stephanie, Annette, my other fellow sufferers too many to name but who I now intend to see, and life…

I’m giving my Dad Making Rounds with Oscar for his birthday, about a nursing home cat who has an amazing gift.  He’s able to identify patients whose death is imminent (w/in 24 hours or so) and snuggles the patient and their family until the patient passes away.  My Dad’s wanted this book for some time.

Anyway, more thoughts later…


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