Greetings from New Zealand/Aotearoa

Kia Ora!  Beautiful spring day in Christchurch, actually Kaiapoi, just north of town, on the south island.  Arrived Sept. 25 and hit the road on a driving tour (in a Hummer, no less) of the west coast for five days.  Got back to Christchurch Sunday night, the 30th.  Will post pictures soon.

As amazing as it is to be traveling, I must say it’s run me down much faster than before.  We’re staying at M’s client’s home in the country.  Ten acres with sheep and cows and fruit trees.  It’s wonderful, though I feel guilty about sleeping in and in this case, sitting in bed blogging  when I probably should be socializing with my host (the client’s partner, 2 y.o. daughter, and sister visiting from Australia).  But since I’ve not posted in some time, I thought I’d at least say Howdy and that I’m okay.

More news from the front later.  The food has been terrific.  I’ve eaten more potatoes in a week than the entire year in the States.  The potatoes here are magnificently delicious.  Never thought I’d say that – I thought I didn’t like potatoes.  Turns out they just don’t taste good in the States!  These are as good as the ones in France, possibly better.  Had delicious poached flounder last night.  Heavenly, especially watching M. gingerly debone an entire fish on his plate – twice!  I should’ve taken pictures.  Rats.

Am coughing more now, though actually less than in the States.  The air is very clear but since it’s spring and the orchard is blooming, I suspect I have some pollen allergies.  Thrilling to be here no matter what!  I can see why people don’t want to leave…


12 thoughts on “Greetings from New Zealand/Aotearoa

  1. Fantastic! I hope you have a lovely rest of your visit and look forward to the photos when you return. (The knitter & spinner in me also wants me to tell you to hug a sheep on my behalf, but I’ve no idea what that would do for your allergies! 🙂

    • Heya! So happy you’re still swinging by! Saw a shearing demo of a Merino wool sheep… yes, worth huge hugs! Apparently an entire wool pelt only fetches about $15 at auction. But I guess once you add export tax and all that, it’s what makes wool yarns expensive. Hope all is well with you!

      • Yes, don’t tell the other bloggers, but yours is the only blog that I get updates about in my email inbox. 🙂 Sheep shearing is amazing; I saw a guy from NZ do a shearing at Maryland Sheep & Wool this year, evidently he’s the top-rated shearer in the world. (Up until this point, I was unaware this was an activity you could “place” in…)
        I got a couple fleeces here for $10, but you know they weren’t NZ merinos!

    • Hi Linnea,
      Hope your autumn is off to a decent start. Internet is spotty here so photos may be awhile. You and your photographic eye would do wonders here!

    • Nichole, you have to come here. You’d love it. Very rugged, great food, wonderful people. Your kind of place for sure 😉

  2. Kia Ora to you, too! Isn’t New Zealand wonderful and I’m so glad you got to go! Next time, Queenstown for you and Milford Sound. We just got back from Utah and in Zion NP I thought of you while I threw 3 smallish stones in the mountain stream that passes thru the park. Beautiful day and lovely thoughts of you!!! Patricia

    • Hey Patricia – spent two nights in Queenstown! But our flight/cruise/flight to Milford Sound was cancelled due to stormy conditions 😦 I was very disappointed but we went to Arrowtown and rode the gondola to the top of the mountain and that was pretty nice. I’ll post a blow by blow account soon. Will try to spend a couple of days in Auckland on the way home. Thinking of you and glad to hear you’re traveling around! Isn’t Utah beautiful? Hope you ate some Mormon scones 🙂

  3. Delbert – have you been here? Pretty wild, maybe like Alaska? I hear the north island is like another country, very different from the south island. Will be up in October, let’s get together.

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