Back in the saddle again


Happy Valentine’s Day from my chemo chair. Cycle 1 Day 1 of carboplatin-gemcitabine (Gemzar). It took three tries to get an IV in, but at least I’m getting new painkillers to replace ibuprofen, which is disallowed during chemo. Aside from being a pin cushion, it’s a helluva way to spend a beautiful day. I’m wearing my lucky toe socks, knitted by Naomi. I am honored that her folks are coming to visit next weekend, on their way to Hawaii.

Lots of company this month. Tiring but joyful. Denver is over, and with any luck at all, chemo will keep the cows in the barn long enough for me to get on the next trial.

I’ll post more later. The Decadron is making me feel weird…


3 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again

  1. Hi Jazz,

    Happy Valentine’s Day! We went to Kara’s cabin to celebrate and found it was full of mice!!!!!!! They were nesting in the bottom drawer of the oven and in the seat cusion of the chair. So we had a great mouse battle in which we evicted all the mice but we weren’t allowed to hurt them because Kara thought they were cute (mouse pee sure doesn’t smell cute!). Once the mice were evicted, we spent and entire day cleaning, and then we had to replace the weather-stripping on the door – that’s how they were getting in.

    Romantic, eh?

    Hope you’re feeling better today!


      • A day in a cabin on the Russian River with the one you love – mouse battle notwithstanding – IS romantic! What a great story – fit for a children’s book? One I’m very familiar with! We were so fed up with mice in Alameda that we used the adhesive traps. So cruel! The worst! We couldn’t kill them either, so we wound up drenching them in oil to release the adhesive then re-releasing them far away from where we thought predators would be. So far no problems here with that, instead we have gophers…

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